PTAN 2018 Criteria Annexe 5.5

CRITERIA Annexe 5.5 - 2018

Principles of and background to the formulation of the criteria in Appendix 5.5 of the RSE-M code relating to the fast fracture strength of pressure equipment displaying a planar defect during operation.

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In-service inspection rules for the mechanical equipments of PWR nuclear islands (RSEM) require that planar defects comply with mechanical acceptability criteria incorporating suitable safety factors. Appendix 5.5 of the RSE-M specifies the mechanical acceptability criteria regarding the risk of fast fracture for a planar defect discovered in pressure equipment (PE) during operation.
This document sets out the basic principles of, and background to the development of acceptability criteria in Appendix 5.5 of the RSE-M, including both characteristic values for the main variables and partial safety factors.

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  • RS 18 026 Criteria appendix 5.5 ind A