Principle and substantiation for taking Warm Pre-Stressing (WPS) into account in PWR vessel fact fracture resistance criterion

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The RSE-M code requires compliance with the mechanical acceptability criteria of the under-clad defects in the vessel of a pressurized water reactor with respect to the risk of incipient brittle fracture by cleavage. Appendix 5.5 in RSE-M specifies these mechanical acceptability criteria which are based on a comparison of the corrected stress intensity factor (calculated in accordance with Appendix 5.4) with the resistance to brittle fracture by cleavage (given by Appendix 5.6) for the defect concerned.

The purpose of this publication is to describe the effect of the loading history on the resistance to brittle fracture by cleavage of the vessel steel, by taking into account the warm pre-stress phenomenon, as well as the associated proposed criterion which is currently covered by the RPP2 probationary phase rule in the RSE-M.

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