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PTAN Guide for introducing a new material in the RCC-MRx

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This guide falls within the scope of an overall reflection focused on the conditions for introducing new materials into the RCC-MRx code. Its aim is to present the procedure to be followed for acquiring and gathering the data which describe the physical and mechanical behaviour of the material, necessary to apply the component design rules available in the RCC-MRx code.

Following the formal aspect of the RCC-MRx, these data form the basis of the construction of an appendix A3 specific to the candidate material. This guide is used therefore to complete part — mainly chapters 2 and 3 — of the "Material" file as defined in the RCC-MRx.

This guide therefore details a method for establishing the data required in part §3 of the "Material" file (experimental results and design curves). It should be noted that for a material to be acceptable in the code, all parts of the "Material" file must be proposed.

The scope of the guide and the interfaces with the different parts of the code, are explained.

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