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Based on AFCEN’s annual report, the seminar was organized into 3 main parts:

🔸 The General Secretariat touched on the highlights of 2019 and the partnerships formed in 2020 to plan for the future.

🔸The Editorial Committee presented its editorial program and the different approaches it will take, then each subcommittee provided an overview of its developments and its priorities for 2020.

🔸The training committee discussed the measures that were taken to improve the training catalog, and to open up more extensively to schools and universities.

The seminar brought together more than 150 participants who were pleased to meet and discuss AFCEN’s priorities.

To end the day, AFCEN President, Philippe Bordarier, applauded the commitment of all the experts and AFCEN team members who came together to organize the seminar remotely. Despite this difficult time, AFCEN is keeping pace and upholding its editorial schedule, as well as deploying new working methods. Contributors and the main stakeholders appreciated being informed of the editorial programs for the codes and sharing this information strengthens the dialog around AFCEN’s approaches and goals.

The President commended the advancement of the strategic plan that continues to move forward, with some adaptations, and cited many successes such as the progress in translating the AFCEN codes into Chinese, the agreement with Naval Group, with the CNAM and the expansion to universities (ENSI Caen), etc.

Looking to the future, AFCEN will participate in the work of the GIFEN union for the Excell plan. This is an opportunity for the codes to be better understood, recognized and mastered by the nuclear field.

The day ended with the General Assembly of the association’s members.

The seminar presentations are available on the AFCEN website :

General Secretariat
Editorial Committee
Training Committee