RS 16.010 ind E

RS 16.010 ind E

Professional guide to significant repairs/modifications of nuclear pressure equipment subject to Points 1 to 4 of Appendix V of the amended Order of December 30, 2015

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This Guide applies to Class N1 nuclear pressure equipment other than in the MPS-MSS, or
Classes N2 or N3 subject to Appendix V of Order of 12/30/2015 undergoing a repair/modification
classified as significant according to the PTAN RS 16.009.
The aims of this document are to:
explain how to select the technical reference documentation for the repair/modification
define the general contents of the repair/modification file (§ 7) and explain the
expectations for the following documents in detail:
Hazard analysis (HA) for the modified/repaired nuclear pressure equipment,
Instruction manual.

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