1 trainer certified by AFCEN :

RSE-M Training Course

Available trainings: “Introduction to the use of the code RSE-M”, “Training to the code RSE-M”


To acquire a general knowledge of the RSE-M: its structure, technical content and associated rules


  • Leaders, contractors, Quality Managers, workers for inspection organizations, etc.
  • Design or production engineers and technicians interested in the maintenance of nuclear infrastructures.
  • Engineers and technicians in charge of maintenance of pressure equipments in nuclear infrastructures.
  • Any person with an interest in monitoring, maintenance, operation and in-service inspection of pressure equipments.


  • Basic knowledge about design/construction of mechanical materials, codes and standards, in particular the code RCC-M.
  • Basic knowledge about nuclear power plants and under pressure equipments.
  • Basic knowledge about requirements for under pressure equipments (nuclear and non-nuclear).


The training is planned aims to present the following themes:

  • Regulatory background in regards to the nuclear field;
  • Organization and structure of RCC-M and RSE-M;
  • Scope and applicability of the code RSE-M;
  • Requirements and criteria of the code;
  • Navigate through the code
  • Identify materials covered by the code RSE-M;
  • Link between RCC-M and RSE-M;
  • Requirements for maintenance and monitoring of related equipments.


  • Field:Under pressure equipments
  • Available trainings:“Introduction to the use of the code RSE-M”, “Training to the code RSE-M”
  • Duration:3 to 4 days
  • Language:French
  • Location:in France


A certificate is issued by AFCEN for each trainee.