RCC-MRx Training Course

Available trainings: “Discovery of the code RCC-MRx”; “Training to RCC-MRx”


The purpose of this training is to acquire an overall knowledge of its purpose, its content, its organization and its main rules:

  • To explain of what is RCC-MRx Code and how it is organized;
  • To identify the class of mechanical components and establish the link between safety class and RCC-MRx class;
  • To define the domain of applicability of the code, and to give an overview of design and analyses rules;
  • To detail and to apply the design rules for piping and their supports ;
  • To choose material and procurement of parts and products;
  • To overview the welding requirements of the code;
  • To Identify the code specificities for fabrication;
  • To overview code provisions for non destructive examination methods;
  • To evaluate the Common issues resulting from the use of the code.


Engineer, senior design technician


Strong mechanical knowledge


The training “Discovery of the code RCC-MRx” aims to present the following themes:

  • General presentation of RCC-MRx code and its background
  • Choice of materials – grades – products
  • Products procurement
  • Design and analyses rules
  • Properties of materials and welded joints
  • Welding
  • Fabrication and examination methods
  • Design rules for pipes and their supports
  • Link between safety class and requirements of the RCC-MRx code
  • The RCC-MRx code in the standards’ environment: other codes and standards
  • Practical use of the code and main issues


  • Field: Mechanics
  • Available trainings: “Discovery of the code RCC-MRx”; “Training to RCC-MRx”
  • Duration: 2 to 3 days
  • Language: French, English
  • Location: In France or Abroad


Course documents were established by RCC-MRx experts.

The trainers are practitioners of the Code, approved by the AFCEN, and are part of the Partners involved in the development of the Code.

A certificate is issued by AFCEN for each trainee.