1 trainer certified by AFCEN :

ETC-C (2010, 2012) and RCC-CW (2015, 2016) Training Course

Available trainings: “Part General”, “Part Design” and “Part Construction”


The ETC-C and RCC-CW training course handles the basis of ETC-C and RCC-CW requirements:

  • What works, equipments and technologies are covered by the codes ETC-C and RCC-CW?
  • How, starting with requirements for sealing, radioprotection, earthquake and limitation of strains, get to explain resulting differences and specificities (in particular for Eurocodes)?


Part Design and Construction: experienced civil engineers who want to master civil engineering specificities applied to nuclear power plants.

Part General: general engineers.


Part Design and Construction: strong qualifications in Civil Engineering.

Part General: no specific qualifications.


  • General introduction to ETC-C and RCC-CW
  • Principles and definition of actions and combinations of actions
  • Geotechnical design
  • Seismic analysis
  • Concrete structures
  • Pools and tanks liner
  • Off-containment anchors
  • Prestressed concrete - containment
  • Metal parts


  • Field: Civil Engineering
  • Available trainings: “Part General” ; “Part Design” ; “Part Construction”
  • Duration: 1, 3 and 2 days
  • Language: English
  • Location: In France and abroad


Course documents were established by ETC-C and RCC-CW experts.

The trainers are practitioners of the Code, approved by the AFCEN, and are part of the Partners involved in the development of the Code.

A certificate is issued by “Ponts Formation Edition” and AFCEN for each trainee.