RCC-M 2018

RCC-M 2018

Design and construction rules for mechanical components of PWR nuclear islands

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This book is the eleventh edition of the RCC-M by AFCEN. It incorporates all the modifications and additions made to the previous edition (2017) by this 2018 edition.

The changes made by this 2018 edition relate to the following provisions:

o The integration of work to demonstrate the compliance of the code with the essential requirements of French regulations (Annex I of directive 2014/68/EU and Annexes I to IV of the decree of 30 December 2015 amended to 3 September 2018, known as the "ESPN order"), including the update of the ZY and ZZ annexes relating respectively to French and European regulations that incorporate the entire work

o The introduction of two new probationary phase rules (RPP n°5 and n°6) for Assemblies N1 and N2/N3 respectively

o The introduction of a new appendix to Section III specifying the procedures for carrying out an equivalence file defined in MC 2900 concerning the methodology of Advanced Ultrasonic controls

o Introduction of effective fatigue strength reduction factors for welded joints

o Introduction of two new TPS

o Alignment with harmonised standards 4126 and 764-7 of chapters B C D 6000

o Revision of the procedures for carrying out tensile tests

o Reduction of the ultrasonic examination threshold for level 1 and 2 welds to -12 dB

o Introduction of eddy current examination for GV tubes

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