RCC-E 2016

RCC-E 2016

Design and construction rules for electrical and I&C systems and equipment

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Purpose and scope

RCC-E describes the rules for designing and building electrical assemblies and I&C systems for pressurised water reactors.

The code was drafted in partnership with industry, engineering firms, manufacturers, building control firms and operators, and represents a collection of best practices in accordance with IAEA requirements.

The code's scope covers:

  • Architecture and the associated systems.
  • Materials engineering and the qualification procedure for normal and accidental environmental conditions.
  • Facility engineering and management of common cause failures (CCFs) (electrical and I&C) and electromagnetic interference.
  • Practices for testing and inspecting electrical characteristics.
  • Quality assurance requirements supplementing ISO 9001.

The 2016 edition is the most recent version, available as of March 2017

A new publication "Gap analysis RCC-E 2012-2016" has been issued in July 2017, avalaible for RCC-E subscribers.

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  • RCC-E 2016 - EN
  • PTAN Gap Analysis RCC-E 2012-2016

Publications included in the subscription

  • RCC-E 2012 - EN
  • RCC-E 2012 - FR
  • RCC-E 2016 - FR
  • RCC-E 2016 - EN
  • Gap analysis RCC-E 2012-2016