RCC-C 2019

RCC-C 2019

Design and construction rules for fuel assemblies of PWR nuclear power plants

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The Design and Construction Rules for PWR Nuclear Power Plant Fuel Assemblies (RCC-C) forms one section of the Design and Construction Rules (RCC) for PWR Nuclear Power Plants.
This edition of the RCC-C covers all requirements relative to the design, manufacturing and inspection of fuel assemblies and core components (rod cluster control assemblies, burnable poison rod assemblies, primary and secondary source assemblies, and thimble plug assemblies).
It sets out the minimum requirements to be met by the Organizations - End User, Contracting Party, Supplier, Manufacturers and their Subcontractors - involved in supplying the Operator with fuel assemblies and core components.
These Design and Construction Rules are divided into 5 chapters.
Chapter 1 describes the organizational requirements to be met when supplying products under a Fuel Contract. It defines the important terms identified in the text by an uppercase first letter.
Chapter 2 describes the fuel assemblies, core components and their component parts.
Chapter 3 describes the rules to be followed for analyzing the design of the fuel assemblies and core components to ensure that the latter will meet the safety requirements of the Basic Nuclear Facilities in which they are used.
Chapter 4 covers the manufacturing of the products. It addresses:
- The properties of the Materials and Parts,
- The associated manufacturing and inspection processes,
- Inspection methods,
- The properties to be inspected for the Materials, Parts or Assemblies.
Chapter 5 supplies the main steps to be taken regarding fuel handling, transport and storage.

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