RCC-C 2018

Design and construction rules for fuel assemblies of PWR nuclear power plants

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The RCC-C code contains all the requirements for the design, fabrication and inspection of nuclear fuel assemblies and the different types of core components (rod cluster control assemblies, burnable poison rod assemblies, primary and secondary source assemblies and thimble plug assemblies).

The design, fabrication and inspection rules defined in RCC-C leverage the results of the research and development work pioneered in France, Europe and worldwide, and which have been successfully used by industry to design and build nuclear fuel assemblies and incorporate the resulting feedback.

The code's scope covers:

  • Generalities : definitions, standards, management system and treatment of non-conformities,
  • Design basis for safety justification,
  • Fabrication aspect :
    • Materials requirements,
    • Qualification requirements for assemblies,
    • Qualification requirements for inspection and manufacturing processes,
    • Inspection methods,
    • Certification of NDT inspectors.
  • Situations out of the NSSS.

The new 2018 English version of the RCC-C is an update of the 2017 edition. The changes to the RCC-C code for the 2018 release have focused on the following topics:

  • Grid weld inspection,
  • Guide thimble welding,
  • Pellet inspection method,
  • Nickel base alloys,
  • Peripheral power suppression assemblies.

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