Qualification OCS rev A

PTAN RCC-C Qualification OCS rev A

PTAN Qualification of scientific computing tools used in the nuclear safety case - 1st barrier - PTAN RC 20 001 Ind A

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This PTAN describes the options available to industrial companies (designers and

operators of nuclear installations) to respond in the most appropriate manner to the

recommendations made in ASN Guide No. 28 [2], by using a method which is in keeping

with the relevant challenges.

It describes the general approach recommended by the industrial companies.

This is a progressive approach and will be revised in stages, taking into account

experience acquired, and changes in knowledge and the state of the art.

The rate at which changes are made to the PTAN will be adapted so as not to adversely

affect the reference documentation and progress with projects.

The following expressions used in the PTAN are as defined in Standard ISO 14001-v2015:

  • The word “shall” indicates a requirement (regulations impose requirements, for
  • example),
  • The word “should” reflects a recommendation, or advice (for example, the ASN
  • Guides usually issue recommendations, and this is particularly applicable in the

    case of Guide No. 28),

  • The word “may” indicates permission, possibility or ability.
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