PTAN RCC-CW Seismic Dissipative Devices

PTAN 2018 Seismic Dissipative Devices

Study report on Seismic Dissipative Devices

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Prepared within the framework of AFCEN, this report puts together experience and practice of seismic
dissipation on buildings or facilities.
Part 1 introduces the report. Part 2 describes a general approach about seismic design and seismic retrofit.
Part 3 gives five examples of industrial practice. Part 4 elaborates tentative technical guidelines for the use
of seismic dissipative devices. Part 5 gives two sets of examples of application of the tentative technical
This study report appears a good tool for the engineer wishing to get a first insight in the way dissipative
devices could be used in the seismic design or seismic retrofit of large buildings or industrial facilities.

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  • Study Report on Seismic Dissipative Devices