PTAN RCC-M 2016 – Dimentional Reference Standard Guide - EN

PTAN Dimensional Reference N1 - 2016

Application of the ESPN order - Dimensional reference standard of N1 nuclear pressure equipments

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AFCEN initiated the examination of the conformance of the RCC-M prescriptions reference [3] to the essential safety and radioprotection requirements of the Ministerial Order of December 12th, 2005 related to nuclear pressure equipment (ESPN).

Annex 1 of the Decree No. 99-1046 related to the design and manufacture of pressure equipment, referred to by the Order of December 12th, 2005, stipulates two requirements concerning the dimensional aspect:

  • Point 2.2.3.a: “it is necessary to apply safety factors which enable eliminating totally all uncertainties related to the manufacture, […]”,
  • Point 3.1: “The manufacturer must ensure (during the manufacture) the correct execution of the measures taken in the design stage by applying the appropriate techniques and methods, […]”.

The purpose of this guide is to build a reference dimensional standard to help the Manufacturer of level N1 nuclear pressure equipment (ESPN) in the design and the manufacture of his equipment according to these requirements.

This guide describes the principles which allow the Manufacturer:

  • during the design, to define the so-called “main” dimensions including the Dimensions Necessary for compliance with the French regulatory Requirements (DNRE),
  • during the manufacture, to follow a documented process of dimensional inspection and traceability of these main dimensions.

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