Our members

AFCEN enlists the expertise of its members to realize the activities inherent in the association's purpose.

AFCEN Company members in 2018

Companies who have joined AFCEN :

Participation of member-appointed experts in AFCEN's work

AFCEN members were actively involved in the work of the Subcommittees (working groups and plenary sessions), as can be seen by the number of experts made available by the members.

In 2017, over 750 experts contributed to AFCEN’s work as follows:
RCC-M : 223
RSE-M : 129
RCC-E : 94
RCC-CW : 165
RCC-F : 25
RCC-C : 43
RCC-MRx : 92
Commandities ESPN N1& N2/N3: 100
Total: 871 (some experts are involved in several Subcommittees)

Foreign experts are involved in Users Groups:

China: 250 experts and UK: 58 experts

To know more about the AFCEN 2017 annual report : E-library AFCEN